Saturday, April 1, 2017


She asked me if I could be her model, (unprofessional, unqualified, inexperienced, lack of proficiency) kind of model, for her school project. and I was questioning myself whether or not I should contribute to it as a model because I doubted myself and being skeptical about it. But since my friend really needed me and it was only for a school project, why not? it sounds fun though, and we did have a good time on that half-gloomy day. We wandered around the city, and ended it up with one big bowl of chips and two glasses of spiced rum & dry that we enjoyed so much while sitting and mooting about the result of the pictures at a super chilling rooftop bar in the middle of the city.

taken by one of my favourite friend, fern, who I believe will be a very skilful future photographer!
cheers, jess.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Definitely Maybe

Hello 2017! I have just nothing to say about in this post but I've got some pictures to share. Well I don't want to presume my self as a blogger, but I do blog sometimes (this refers to probably twice or three times a year). I'm not aiming for million of followers and readers because I'm not good in being an influencer and I assume I'm not good in writing as well. However, I do want to share pictures to everyone and to the world especially when it comes to outfit pictures. So, what is actually my goal? Still figuring it out my self. (help me on this?)

Black Stripes Tank Top - ZARA
Blouse - ATSthelabel
Culotte - ZALORA Indonesia

xoxo, jess.

Monday, July 18, 2016

t r i p l e t r o u b l e .

I'm super excited about so many things right now, thinking that I'll be seeing my dad and my sister in less than a month and knowing that my best friend is coming to visit me, not to mention that my friends (in frame) and I will be volunteering for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2016, it all makes me so charmed yet worried. It is bothering me that I have to skip nearly 2 weeks of classes. Oh and I'll go skiing as well with some other friends and I hope it will turn out great since I've never tried skiing before. *couldn't imagine how much money I would spend this month [sigh].

And.. there is one more thing that annoys me these days in regards with the terrorist attacks occurred in several places from Orlando, Dallas, Paris, Saudi Arabia, and Nice lately. It tears me apart seeing all those innocent people were killed by the cruel and inhumane act of terrorism. Don't you feel the same way I do? Don't stop ignoring this issue just because it didn't happen in your country, well it could happen anywhere (but please no more attack). So speak up guys, show your love more and please protect OUR world.


Denim Jacket | Grandma Funk
Oversized Sweater | TOPSHOP
Pink Trousers | ZARA 
Sneakers | CONVERSE 
Handmade Chocker 

18 July 2016

Thursday, June 30, 2016

jessie in wonderland

It's just another beautiful day.
Caught up with an old friend and had lunch together in a cozy cafe called St. Edmonds. Good food, good company. 

A little while ago, I strolled around South Yarra and discovered heaps of local and quirky stores, from clothing, cafes & restaurants, to a random store that sells a fake poop (oh, yes!) and a pencil sharpener in a toilet closet form (no, I'm not making this up, I swear). Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take pictures inside the store. It was such a nice day though and I don't mind spending another day exploring new places and discovering new exciting things like this. 

Grey Pants | TOPSHOP
Grey Coat | ZARA 
White Sneakers | NIKE 
Bag | MNG
- Jess -

Saturday, June 25, 2016

flour market, june 2016.

FYI, I am not much of a sweets person. But, it doesn't mean that I never eat sweets, it's just not something that I'm craving for. Well, just like another sweet-tooth typical girls, I get excited and distracted whenever I see all the beautiful cakes, donuts, and.. you name it. Sometimes they did succeed in making me spend money on them and ended up not finishing them. I know, no judging please :) 

Stripe Long Sleeve | STUSSY 
Ripped Denim | ZARA 
Black Tote Bag | handmade
Sneakers | NIKE
- Jess -